Membership Categories

Several categories of membership are offtered.  They include:

  • Surgeon Membership:  For those actively performing spine and brain surgery.

Associate Membership Options:

  • Resident:  Currently in a residency practicing to be a spine and brain surgeon.

  • Fellow:  Graduates from orthopedic or neurosurgical residency programs, who are under the direct supervision of a surgeon

  • Researcher:  Those actively involved in spine or brain surgery research.

  • Physician Assistants:  PAs licensed to practice medicine and under the supervision by a licensed physician.

  • Nurse:  LPN or RN practicing with a spine or brain surgeon.

  • Physical Therapist:   Licensed therapist who treats patients after spine or brain surgery.

  • Emeritus/Retired: Inactive spine or brain surgeons, those who are 65 years old or older, with an active practice five (5) years prior. 

To become a member, complete and submit the application form.